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03 July 2012

Tallinn Music Week esitleb Positivus festivalil Eesti artistide lava

20.-21. juulil toimub Lätis mereäärses Salacgrivas juba kuuendat suve Baltimaade suurim muusikafestival Positivus. Taaskord seab talendifestival Tallinn Music Week Positivusel üles ka oma lava. Koostöös Riia suurima muusikaklubiga Palladium esitletaval TMW laval astub laupäeval, 21. juulil üles kokku 8 Eesti artisti.

Kokku esineb tänavusel Positivuse festivalil 21 Eesti artisti ja DJ-d. Laupäeval, 21. juulil astuvad Tallinn Music Weeki lavale tänavuse Skype’i auhinna võitja, hüpnootilise noise-doomi duo Talbot, araabia ja klezmer-muusikat folgi ja jazzi helikeelde sulandav Abraham’s Cafe, hoogne rifiroki punt Elephants from Neptune, meloodilise indie-poproki bänd Animal Drama, elektroonika- ja viiulivirtuoos Tiit Kikas, britpopilik Dahling, moodsaid elektroonilisi rütme ja jazz-poppi ühendav State of Zoe ja helikunstnik-produtsent Sethh.


Tallinn Music Week/Palladium lava ajakava laupäeval, 21. juulil:

15.00 Tiit Kikas
16.30 State of Zoe
18.00 Abraham`s Cafe
19.30 Animal Drama
21.00 Talbot
22.30 Elephants From Neptune

00.00 Dahling
01.00 Sethh

Positivus festivali juht Girts Majors kommenteerib: “Fakt, et tänavusel Positivusel astub üles 21 Eesti artisti näitab, et Balti riikidest kasvab välja uut põnevat ja elujõulist talenti. TMW festival on andnud võimaluse mitmetele uutele ja headele artistidele esile tõusta ja laiemat tähelepanu võita.”

Eesti artistid, kes astuvad üles Positivuse festivali erinevail lavadel: Malcolm Lincoln, Dave Storm, DJ Quest, Kienra & ЯVRS, Mimicry Tenfold Rabbit, Ewert and the Two Dragons, Sander Mölder, Sibyl Vane, Tiger Milk, Zebra Island, Mr. Nestor, OYT

Kahe päeva jooksul esinevad Positivuse lavadel kokku enam kui 60 kohalikku ja rahvusvahelist esinejat, nende hulgas maailmakuulsad artistid nagu Keane, Manic Street Preachers, Damien Rice, Instrumenti, The Vaccines, King Charles, Niki & The Dove, Friendly Fires, SBTRKT live, Ewert and the Two Dragons, Givers, Jamie N Commons, Lucy Rose, Vondelpark jpt.


Tallinn Music Week on nelja aastaga kasvanud rahvusvahelise kõlapinnaga Eesti talendi festivaliks, mille on lisanud oma tihedasse kalendrisse sajad muusikatööstuse professionaalid üle maailma. 2011. aastal pälvis Tallinn Music Week Euroopa ühel olulisemal talendifestivalil The Great Escape, mida peetakse Glastonbury kasvulavaks, “parima uue festivali” auhinna.



Tallinn Music Week 2013 toimub 4.-6.aprillil!


Positivus festivali lisainfo:

20 June 2012

Back to the Baltics: 60 Hours in ESTONIA by FILTER magazine

After logging 15 hours of travel and a 7-hour time change from New York, my international adventures began upon landing in Tallinn, Estonia, a 900-year-old capital city in the northernmost Baltic country, for Tallinn Music Week. Now in its fourth year, the conference and showcase festival is clearly hitting its stride, featuring over 180 bands on 27 stages over the course of three days. The majority of acts were from Estonia (who knew there were so many?) and neighboring countries such as Finland, who presented a whopping 15 acts. Last summer, I had trekked to Latvia to attend Positivus Festival, and although that country’s capital, Riga, and Tallinn are only a five-hour drive from one another, there are plenty of cultural differences. Most noticeably, Tallinn immediately seemed to feel a bit less “post-Soviet” compared to Riga. Estonia has a stronger cultural connection to Finland than Russia, since Helsinki is only a short, three-hour ferry trip away. (I’m also told the Finnish and Estonian languages are similar enough to the point that opposing speakers can understand one another.)


Upon arriving at my hotel and picking up my festival badge in the lobby, I only had a couple of hours before the delegate bus was due to whisk us visitors off to Rock Café, where frenetic indie-pop band Rubik (Finland) and electro-sweetheart Iiris (Estonia) were slated to kick off the festival. (It is also where I would drink the first of many Saku beers over the course of my short trip.) The clock was ticking: T-minus 60 hours to soak up as much Baltic music and culture as possible. I quickly dropped my bags and hit the “old town,” which was only a few blocks away.


For the most part, being in Tallinn felt much like being in any modern European city: tall buildings, classy hotels, department stores, sleek restaurants and clubs. Tallinn’s old town, on the other hand, felt very much like stepping back into the medieval ages or, as locals described it, a “fairy tale land.” My stroll through this part of the city, which was founded in 1154, felt appropriately medieval: the windy cobblestone streets led me through narrow passageways, past homes and shops dating to the 13th century, across the city’s border wall and up to the castle— yes, a real castle. Oddly enough, it’s all only a short walk from Depeche Mode Baar—a real bar that plays nothing but Depeche Mode nonstop and is completely decked out in band memorabilia (the bar really hit the big time in 2001 when Depeche Mode members partied here before their Tallinn concert).


The next morning, the two-day conference part of Tallinn Music Week was opened by a speech from Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who many delegates consider to be the coolest head of state ever. Having worked for Radio Free Europe in the ’80s, he’s incredibly knowledgeable about music and is known for citing his favorite artists—Jello Biafra and Ramones—in speeches. What’ll he do next, slow jam the news?


The next day and a half went fast, but was filled with catchy live music around the old town. Highlights included dramatic siren Alina Orlova (Lithuania), experimental rock duo Mona De Bo (Latvia) and folky trio Diver (Austria). The folks at Tallinn Music Week really took care of me throughout the weekend (big thanks to Helen, her crew and all our new friends in Estonia), and before I knew it, my 60 hours were up—or, in the measurement by which I’m now prone to keeping time, I’d reached the end of five complete listens through the entire Depeche Mode catalog. Thank you, Estonia, you’ve changed me forever.



05 June 2012

Instrumenti annab Eestis välja oma debüütalbumi "TRU"


Läti elektro indie-pop duo Instrumenti annab 12. juunil oma debüütalbumi 'TRU' välja ka Eestis. Instrumenti kutsub kõiki albumi esitlusele järgmisel teisipäeval, 12. juunil, kell 16.00 Von Krahli baaris.

'TRU' salvestati eelmisel aastal Greenhouse stuudios Reykjavik'is ning oma panuse andsid inimesed, kes on töötanud ka selliste Islandi staaridega nagu Björk, Sigur Ros ja Jonsi. Albumi produtseeris Instrumenti ja kaasa aitas bändi kauaaegne helitehnik Gatis Zakis. Masterdas Alex Wharton legendaarses Abbey Road Studios.

'TRU' sisaldab endas üheksat lugu, sealhulgas 'Life Jacket Under Your Seat' ja 'Born To Die' ning samuti värskeimat singlit 'The Time Is Now'.
Kujunduse poole pealt oli 'TRU' ideeks iga lugu visualiseerida. Ka albumiümbriselt võib lugeda:„Iga osa albumi kujundusest on loodud laulu enda poolt. Võib-olla me aitasime kaasa, valades värvi kõlarile ja püüdes siis värvipritsmeid paberile. Võib-olla aitasime kaasa, mängides trumme trummipulkadega, mis pritsisid värvi. Aga tõeline kunstnik oli heli. Meie olime lihtsalt instrumendid.“

'TRU' kujundamisest on võimalik vaadata videoklippi siit:

Eelmise aasta detsembris käis Instrumenti Lätis minituuril, mis lõppes võimsa kontserdiga 10 000-pealisele publikule Arena Riga'l. 'TRU' esinemised üllatasid publikut võimsa produktsiooni ja muljetavaldava videotaustaga igale loole. Arena Riga DVD antakse välja suve lõpus. Videoklippi võib näha siit:

Eestlastele esines Instrumenti viimati märtsis, Rock Cafes, Tallinn Music Week'i raames. Sügisel on Tallinnas oodata täispikka Instrumenti kontserti. Bänd astub üles ka suvisel Positivus Festivalil.


18 May 2012

Video interview by with Marije Brouwer


Marije Brouwer is a talent hunter from Europe’s biggest showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag, held each January in Netherlands. Started at 1996, the festival today presents around 300 artists and attracts thousands of music industry delegates.

Marije is talking about the festival's history and background, she is also giving some useful tips on how to make most out of playing at a showcase festival.

Enjoy the interview HERE!

17 May 2012

Nordic Hotel Forum sai olulisel Briti muusikasündmusel parima muusikakonverentsihotelli auhinna.


The Great Escape festivali raames Brightonis toimuval iga-aastasel rahvusvahelisel muusikakonverentside auhinnagaalal Yearly Music Conference Awards sai Tallinn Music Week tänavu parima konverentsihotelli tiitli, mis kuulub festivali koduhotellile Nordic Hotel Forum. Eelmisel aastal sai Tallinn Music Week pärjatud parima uue väikefestivali tiitliga.

“Tallinn Music Week on üks nauditavamaid muusikatööstuse sündmusi, kus ma käinud olen ja uskuge mind, ma olen päris paljudel käinud,” kommenteerib The Great Escape korraldaja ja kauaaegne Glastonbury festivali programmijuht Martin Elbourne, “Tallinn on täis häid ja erilisi kontserdikohti, mõnusaid kohvikuid-baare, head toitu ja uut huvitavat muusikat. Nordic Hotel Forum on vaid lühikese jalutuskäigu kaugusel kõigest toimuvast ning vanalinnavaatega (SPA-keskus) lõõgastuskeskus ja bassein on eriline boonus kõigile festivali väliskülalistele. “


Nordic Hotel Forum on olnud festivali partneriks sündmuse esimesest aastast alates. Tallinn Music Weeki raames toimub hotelli konverentsikeskuses kahepäevane muusikatööstusekonverents, millest sel aastal võttis osa 589 delegaati. Eestisse reisis Tallinn Music Weekiks 306 muusikatööstuse spetsialisti ning välisajakirjanikku üle maailma. Nii TMW konverents kui konverentsihotell olid sündmuse neljandal toimumisaastal välja müüdud.

„Tallinn Music Week on Nordic Hotel Forumi jaoks üks aasta tähtsamatest kultuurisündmustest. Nii hotelli külalised kui ka personal naudivad atmosfääri, mille festival loob. Tallinn Music Week on oluliseks turunduspartneriks mitte ainult Nordic Hotel Forumile, vaid tervele Eestile. TMW on heaks näiteks, kuidas kultuur ja ettevõtlus saavad teineteist toetada,“ lausus Nordic Hotel Forumi tegevjuht Feliks Mägus.

Tallinn Music Week 2013 toimub 4.-7. aprillil.

Fotod hotellist, autor Rasmus Jurkatam:


16 May 2012

Rada7 releases video interviews with TMW delegates


During the next three weeks Rada7 one of 2012 TMW's showcase presenter and the leading Estonian music and culture webzine (, will publish a selection of delegate interviews from this year's TMW conference.

We will hear representatives of Eurosonic Noorderslag and Music & Media showcase festivals Marije Brouwer and Anu Aittoniemi, head of Positivus music festival Girts Majors, from the managers' side Toomas Olljum (Ewert and the Two Dragons, Iiris, Bedwetters) and Guna Zućika (Brainstorm). The Estonian-Finnish relations will be outlined by Estophile and the boss of  Stupido Records Joose Berglund, updates from the Russian music industry will be given by Ilya Bortnyuk. We will also publish an exclusive and juicy interview with one of the star-guests of the conference – the legendary Ed Bicknell.

In the first interview, Anna Hildur, head of the Iceland Music Export, will share insight about the differences and similarities of Estonian and Icelandic music scene, about culture funding, the principles of music industry and will also give some great tips to artists who intend to play at showcase festivals.

Watch the interview HERE

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