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17 May 2012

Nordic Hotel Forum sai olulisel Briti muusikasündmusel parima muusikakonverentsihotelli auhinna.


The Great Escape festivali raames Brightonis toimuval iga-aastasel rahvusvahelisel muusikakonverentside auhinnagaalal Yearly Music Conference Awards sai Tallinn Music Week tänavu parima konverentsihotelli tiitli, mis kuulub festivali koduhotellile Nordic Hotel Forum. Eelmisel aastal sai Tallinn Music Week pärjatud parima uue väikefestivali tiitliga.

“Tallinn Music Week on üks nauditavamaid muusikatööstuse sündmusi, kus ma käinud olen ja uskuge mind, ma olen päris paljudel käinud,” kommenteerib The Great Escape korraldaja ja kauaaegne Glastonbury festivali programmijuht Martin Elbourne, “Tallinn on täis häid ja erilisi kontserdikohti, mõnusaid kohvikuid-baare, head toitu ja uut huvitavat muusikat. Nordic Hotel Forum on vaid lühikese jalutuskäigu kaugusel kõigest toimuvast ning vanalinnavaatega (SPA-keskus) lõõgastuskeskus ja bassein on eriline boonus kõigile festivali väliskülalistele. “


Nordic Hotel Forum on olnud festivali partneriks sündmuse esimesest aastast alates. Tallinn Music Weeki raames toimub hotelli konverentsikeskuses kahepäevane muusikatööstusekonverents, millest sel aastal võttis osa 589 delegaati. Eestisse reisis Tallinn Music Weekiks 306 muusikatööstuse spetsialisti ning välisajakirjanikku üle maailma. Nii TMW konverents kui konverentsihotell olid sündmuse neljandal toimumisaastal välja müüdud.

„Tallinn Music Week on Nordic Hotel Forumi jaoks üks aasta tähtsamatest kultuurisündmustest. Nii hotelli külalised kui ka personal naudivad atmosfääri, mille festival loob. Tallinn Music Week on oluliseks turunduspartneriks mitte ainult Nordic Hotel Forumile, vaid tervele Eestile. TMW on heaks näiteks, kuidas kultuur ja ettevõtlus saavad teineteist toetada,“ lausus Nordic Hotel Forumi tegevjuht Feliks Mägus.

Tallinn Music Week 2013 toimub 4.-7. aprillil.

Fotod hotellist, autor Rasmus Jurkatam:


16 May 2012

Rada7 releases video interviews with TMW delegates


During the next three weeks Rada7 one of 2012 TMW's showcase presenter and the leading Estonian music and culture webzine (, will publish a selection of delegate interviews from this year's TMW conference.

We will hear representatives of Eurosonic Noorderslag and Music & Media showcase festivals Marije Brouwer and Anu Aittoniemi, head of Positivus music festival Girts Majors, from the managers' side Toomas Olljum (Ewert and the Two Dragons, Iiris, Bedwetters) and Guna Zućika (Brainstorm). The Estonian-Finnish relations will be outlined by Estophile and the boss of  Stupido Records Joose Berglund, updates from the Russian music industry will be given by Ilya Bortnyuk. We will also publish an exclusive and juicy interview with one of the star-guests of the conference – the legendary Ed Bicknell.

In the first interview, Anna Hildur, head of the Iceland Music Export, will share insight about the differences and similarities of Estonian and Icelandic music scene, about culture funding, the principles of music industry and will also give some great tips to artists who intend to play at showcase festivals.

Watch the interview HERE

08 May 2012

Drowned In Sound: Tallinn Music Week 2012

Elephants From Neptune


Words: Raziq Rauf

Estonia is a unique country. It’s a very new country – only regaining independence in 1991 – and it’s also one of the most progressive. It's also the only Baltic state running an international music conference. And Skype is from Estonia! You’ve all got that on your phones and Macbooks, haven’t you? That has nothing to do with anything apart from maybe keeping your attention but this does get more interesting. Promise.

In the opening speech by their fiercely democratic and ultra cool president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the point is made that you won’t have to pay for wi-fi in this country. That’s pretty cool. The American-bred national leader also puts every Western leader (apart from notorious metalhead, Barack Obama) to shame by name-checking CBGBs and quoting Neil Young lyrics. He’s cool.

However, Ilves can also be serious. He puts his country in context: While Tallinn is hosting one of Europe’s best, and certainly most diverse, music showcases, their neighbours, Russia, have just arrested a female punk band, Pussy Riot for protesting. They're locked up indefinitely.

The point? Estonia is different. Drop your pre-conceptions and listen up because Tallinn Music Week and Estonian music is only going to get stronger.

Watch all twelve minutes of the president's speech if you want. He’s the kind of guy you want to buy a timeshare of for your country.

There are only 1.3 million people in Estonia, yet they have the highest GDP of any of the former Soviet republics. In a time when there are government cuts to the Arts in the UK, the Estonians’ focus on the creative industries is telling. Ilves is convinced that the creative industries can make as much money as any other industry. Backing him up is Anna Hildur of the Nordic Music Export. NOMEX is the collaboration between the Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish music export agencies and she has actually been collating and analysing data that corroborates his thoughts.

But what about the music? We saw some bands. Not all of them were Estonian. Finland is just a two-hour ferry ride across the Baltic Sea. There’s a heavy Finnish presence in Tallinn, from the KGB Museum located in the Finnish Sokos hotel chain to the debatably delicious fast food chain, Hesburger, which is seen on as many street corners as possible. So let’s start with a Finnish band…

Jaakko & Jay // Facebook

This folk-punk duo are signed to Fullsteam Records - an independent label, booking agency and promoters. They’re fucking brilliant. If you think about all the good things that Frank Turner had to give up in order to get big enough to headline Wembley Arena, they’ll all be here. The grungey bastards are so anti-establishmentarian (read: punk) that they correspond with Fullsteam via handwritten letter, which is fucking cool.

Get Your Gun // Facebook

These guys are Danish and blew me away. They’ve still got less than 1000 Likes on Facebook so if you like getting in there first, do it. Do it now. There’s a hell of a lot of bleak, dirgey Americana coming out of this impeccably dressed trio. Obviously it all builds up into a cacophonous squall but that’s cool. Also, the blues guitaring singer and the drummer are brothers, twenty years apart in age, which is a pretty cool piece of pointless trivia.


Elephants From Neptune // Facebook // Soundcloud

This is certainly the best Estonian band I saw – a psychedelic Foo Fighters/QotSA mash-up live, they’re much more in the 70s vibe on record. Give it a listen. As you can see from the photo above, they looked great onstage as well. That's always nice.

Zebra And Snake // Facebook

I was going to write about Estonian electro duo, Mimicry here but I couldn’t find their Facebook page so shallow old me moved onto these Finns. I mainly want to talk about the venue I saw them in. Hoov. It was a magical little bar. Situated on a courtyard, I can only imagine how lovely it would be in summer. The beer was cheap – it’s relatively cheap everywhere in Estonia, compared to the UK and Finland – and the lights were bright enough to dazzle me for minutes. Fun band, though. Click the link etc to hear them.

Another cool bar in Tallinn is the DM Baar. The “DM” stands for Depeche Mode and yeah, it’s a bar dedicated to Depeche Mode. You could put Bruce Springsteen on in Tallinn and he’d sell a couple of thousand tickets. Depeche Mode though and you’re filling stadiums. It’s like some weird post-Soviet Bizarro world except Superman doesn’t exist but a bar that plays 100 per cent Depeche Mode does. They just can’t get enough… Sorry.

Anyway, there are already a couple of Estonian breakout acts in Iiris, (Facebook // Soundcloud) who has just signed to a major label in Finland and indie-folk quartet, Ewert and The Two Dragons (Facebook // Soundcloud) who have played in Canada and the States as well as across Europe, of course. They’re the kind of band you may get along with if you like indie-folk, however, there’s much more bubbling under the surface here.

It feels exciting here in Tallinn. Sitting in the courtyard of Hoov, I could feel the creativity in the air. Then a chap came and sat down next to me and offered me his spliff (ah, there’s the creativity) and we started chatting about his bands.

Rauno is in four bands and they range from metal to folk-influenced prog to indie-rock to reggae – it reminded me of the hotbed of creative madness that is Reykjavik. He does everything because he wants to do everything. He’s taking his metal band, Emerald on a European tour this summer and he’s booked every single thing himself. That’s the kind of desire that I certainly crave to be around.

Emerald may well amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things, but there’s always the chance that with the effort that Rauno and his band are putting in, they’ll catch someone’s ear somewhere. They’ve got this far haven’t they?!

04 May 2012

Väljasõit rohelisse üllitab 10-tollise debüüt vinüül-EP “Külastus”

10. mail jõuab heade plaadipoodide vinüüliriiulitele psühhedeelse amatöörkollektiivi Väljasõit rohelisse 10-tolline debüüt vinüül-EP “Külastus”, mida on hea koos veini, moonisaiakeste ja kaasaskantava kohvervinüülimängijaga piknikule kaasa võtta. Plaadi annab välja pisikese Eesti pisike hobiplaadifirma Onesense Music, mis siiani on heliablaste kõrvu toitnud hämarate äärealade elektroonika ning hip-hopiga.

“Külastuse” ilmumise tähistamiseks pakib Väljasõit rohelisse piknikukohvrid ja suundub gastroleerima marsruudil Moskva-London-Tallinn. Moskvasse minnakse legendaarse Vene muusikakriitiku ja meediategelase Artjom Troitski kutsel, kes Väljasõit rohelissele Tallinn Music Weekil silma peale pani. Kontsert leiab aset 19. mail Masterskaja teater-klubis koos Mutant Disco väsimatu dj-trioga.

26. mail purjetab Väljasõit rohelisse plaadigastroll Londonisse Brainlove Recordsi poolt korraldatavale Brainlove Festivalile, millest võtsid möödunud aastal osa ka Kreatiivmootor ja Multiphonic Rodent.

Brainlove Records on “Külastuse” ametlik levitaja Ühendkuningriigis. Sealsetele poelettidele jõuab plaat juuni alguses.


Eestis gastroleeritakse kohe juuni alguses Tallinnas ja Tartus, plaadiesitluste kohad selguvad lähiajal.




Väljasõit rohelisse hingest:

Siin on kajakamber pleekinud laudlinade, odavate kristallkarahvinide, sissepoole pööratud pilkude ja monotoonides atmosfääriga. Tihe valkjas suitsuloor. Pühapäevašamaan istub absindi ja seenesalatiga ning põriseb tamburiinile kaasa. Kõik kajab kajab. Nurgast võnguvad tremolo ja motoorne kumin, mis levib viirusena mööda trammirööpaid läbi linna. Üheduuri tseremoonia on alanud.

Väljasõidule viivad: Marit (südamelöögid, sädelevad tamburiinid), Martin (sünteetilised orelid, põrinad, preeriarifid), Kersten (reverb, kajad), Eiko (korduvad kuminad), Lauri (amatöörbluus, tremolo, häälitsused)

Muusikat ja veidraid videoid saab kuulata-vaadata Väljasõit rohelisse kodublogis

04 May 2012

The debut 10” EP “Külastus” by Väljasõit rohelisse will hit the shelves next week



On the 8th of May the debut 10” EP “Külastus” from psychedelic amateur affair Väljasõit rohelisse will hit the shelves of all good record stores in Estonia and UK. It’s perfect for the nice little summer picnic along with wine, poppy-rolls and portable turntable. “Külastus EP” will be released by small Estonian hobby-label Onesense Music, that has been putting out some of the finest left-field electronic music and hip-hop in Estonia.

To celebrate the release of “Külastus EP”, Väljasõit rohelisse will pack it’s picnic cases and hit the road with a small gastroll spreading their drone in Moscow, London, Tartu and Tallinn.

In Moscow, the event is organized by legendary Russian music critic, entrepreneur and free media enthusiast Artemyi Troitsky, who was put under the spell of Väljasõit rohelisse at Tallinn Music Week. The ceremony takes place on 19th of May at Masterskaya theatre-club, where Väljasõit rohelisse will be accompanied by one of the longest running underground club-nights in Estonia, Mutant Disco, and its notorious dj-dons.

On 26th of May Väljasõit rohelisse will sail to Brainlove Festival in good old London town, where last year also two marvellous Estonian bands, Kreatiivmootor and Multiphonic Rodent, performed.

Brainlove Records will also lovingly release and distribute “Külastus EP” in UK from the beginning of June.


“Külastus” gastroll will hit the Estonian towns Tartu and Tallinn in beginning of June. Exact places will be announced shortly.


The Soul of Väljasõit rohelisse:

There’s an echo-chamber with washed-out tablecloths, cheap crystal carafes, bitter brandy, worn out velvet blazers and inverted glances. The atmosphere is painted in monotones. Through a thick white veil of smoke one might see an unknown Siberian Shaman having night’s first absinth and mushroom salad. We’ve missed the last tram to reality, but no-one regrets, because here are the echoes echoes, tambourine and heart-beating tremolo. One chord ceremony is about to begin.

Väljasõit rohelisse is the Estonian title for a short novel called “Пикник на обочине”/”Roadside picnic” by Soviet sci-fi writers the Strugatsky brothers. It is read out loud by Lauri (tremolos, echoes, amateur blues licks), Martin (cathedral electronics, space shots and prairie licks), Eiko (motoric boom), Kersten (reverbs, echoes) and Marit (heartbeats, glittering tambourines and killer claps).


Music and weird videos can be found at

25 April 2012

Äsja uue singli „Get Out of Town“ üllitanud Sibyl Vane valmistub salvestama debüütalbumit ja on sihid seadnud piiri taha.

Mullu üle-eestilise konkursi „Noortebänd 2011“ võitnud kolmeliikmeline bänd Sibyl Vane avaldas täna veebis oma teise singli „Get Out of Town“. Pala on salvestatud möödunud aasta lõpus Eesti Raadio stuudios ja tegemist oli Raadio 2 poolt välja pandud eriauhinnaga, mille bänd samalt konkursilt lisaks peapreemiale koju tõi.

Peale parima noortebändi tiitlivõitu on varem avalikkusele tundmatu Sibyl Vane tõeliselt tuule tiibadesse saanud. „Peale konkursivõitu on bändi esinemistegraafik muutunud uskumatult tihedaks. Oleme saanud palju pakkumisi ja praktiliselt igal nädalavahetusel kuskil Eestis andnud 2-3 kontserti. Korra oleme käinud ka Riias ja kahel korral astunud üles televisioonis,“ selgitab bändi bassist Heiko Leesment, kes ühtlasi ka bändi asjaajamisi kureerib.


Sibyl Vane astus märtsi lõpus üles teiste kollektiivide seas ka Tallinn Music Week´il, kus nende esinemiskohaks oli Hoovi klubi showcase´il. Teiste seas oli bändi kuulama tulnud ka Läti plaadifirma I Love You Records delegatsioon. Peale Tallinn Music Week´i sõlmiski bänd I Love You Recordsiga plaadistamislepingu, mille tulemusel peaks debüütalbum ilmuma juba sellel sügisel.

„Ülesastumine Tallinn Music Week´il ja selle tulemusena sündinud plaadileping on see, mille nimel juba pikka aega oleme tööd teinud. Selle juures ei saa mainimata jätta, et I Love You Records on eelmisel aastal ilmutanud ka hetkel Eesti edukaimaansambli Ewert and the Two Dragons albumi. See koostöö on meie jaoks väga oluline ja suur asi,“ kirjeldab oma emotsioone bändi laulev kitarrist Helena Randlaht.

„Kui kevadel Sibyl Vane´i Riias asuvasse I Love You baari mängima kutsusin, eiteadnud ma neist palju. Bändi olid mulle soovitanud sõbrad Eestist ja olin näinud nende ühte videot Youtube´is. Pärast nende esinemist olin kindel, et peame nendega koostööd jätkama. Energia ja see, kuidas nende muusikas põimuvad klassikaline rokk värskete kõladega, üllatasid mind positiivses mõttes ja me pakkusime neile esinemisvõimaluse I Love You laval Positivuse festivalil Lätis. Hiljem läksime Sibyl Vane´i kuulama Tallinn Music Week´ile ja pärast seda polnud meil nende suhtes enam kahtlust,“ kirjeldab Bruno Roze I Love You Recordsist seda, kuidas jõuti koostööni ja sõlmiti plaadileping noore Eesti bändiga.

Sibyl Vane astub sel suvel üles koguni kahel Läti suurimal muusikafestivalil – Positivus ja Summer Sound.


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