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24 November 2013

Wyrm Sub Terra debut album Wyrm out now


Wyrm Sub Terra

Trash metal band Wyrm Sub Terra released their debut album 'Wyrm' on 23rd November.

Active since 2011, Wyrm Sub Terra is an Estonian trash metal triumvirate, a heavy-handed sonic expression of men with old-school experience. Theirs is an uncompromising attitude that sounds fresh and original while staying true to the spirit of the 80s extreme metal. WST’s first album is a mix of old school experience and uncompromised roughness with an attitude, tonalities varying from deep scenic-metal to hasty guitar riffs.  Last track off the album, an instrumental trash-ballad 'Twenty One Grams (Weight Of Soul)' is the first one of its kind from these shores.

Wyrm Sub Terra is:

Lauri Kuriks - guitar, lead vocals

Markko - drums, vocals

Toomas Pihel – bass

Press contact:

Aivar Meos
World Clinic Agency & Management

Wyrm Sub Terra at Hard Rock Laager

22 November 2013

Attention! Artist application deadline for TMW 2014 on 1st December!






Artist submissions to Tallinn Music Week showcase festival and music industry conference are accepted until midnight 1st December. Like in previous years, acts from various musical genres are welcome.

Apply NOW!

So far we are thrilled to have received applications from 24 countries  - many from our neighbors – Finland and the rest of Nordic countries, Baltics, Russia, Belarus, but also from Georgia and Israel, Argentina and USA.

Until Sunday 1st December it is also possible to register as a delegate using our special “Early-Bird”rate (100€€ incl.VAT).

Delegate pass includes access to all conference seminars taking place on 28th and 29th March at the Nordic Hotel Forum conference centre, guarantees priority entry to concert venues and access to our delegates database (check out the list of 2013 delegates here).

Conference program will be announced in mid-February. 

FAQ about performing at TMW and taking part as a delegate have been answered here. 

Tallinn Music Week takes place on March 27th-29th 2014.

See you in March!

21 November 2013

Gorq Lana Drops New Album 'Mesi/Мёд'


Gorq Lana

Celebrated Russian-speaking hip-hop act releases its third album, long awaited by both locals as well as fans outside Estonian borders. 

With the album released under Legendaarne Records, Gorq Lana celebrates the sweetness of life (mesi = honey). 'Mesi/Мёд' is combinaton of positive, momorable lyrics, brass pipe melodies and strong character. Album is mixed by DJ Critical, know in Europe as Bert On Beats.

Formed in 2002, these Russian-speaking hip-hop representatives have won hearts and souls in Russia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus on numereous concerts. On previous albums, Gorq Lana and Lanagraafia, the group has worked together with Genka, Põhjamaade Hirm, Lauri Täht and many talented musicians.

Watch the new video Nepunktualen, a shout out to all unpunctual people.

Video: Rasmus Jurkatam, Roland Põllu, Karl Kasepõld

Montage: Janek Toomikas / VisualSpace

Makeup artist: Kristi Raud

Music: Alina Sipps

Gorq Lana is Magnum Pi, Boom, MfLef, MoiCirk, Photoindustries

Honey is good for your health!

18 November 2013

Estonian Film Music Night showcases top music talents

Tallinn Music Week has joined forces with The Black Nights Film Festival and Estonian Film Cluster for the second time to present talented Estonian composers and songwriters to the international film industry.

On 26th November renown film music supervisors Graham Walker and Chris Douridas will hold a workshop on film scoring and 10 Estonian composers and songwriters will present their work at a pitching session. Music recording facilities, orchestras and venues will also be introduced to filmmakers at the Von Krahl Theatre. Later in the evening four contemporary Estonian artists will take to the stage: Candy Empire with Katja and Ervin special set, Kali Briis, vonKuusk and Sander Mölder – each of them will perform a 30-minute set to international film industry guests and local music fans.

The workshop is aimed at film and music producers, and composers to discuss and present effective supervision, production and scoring strategies in the highly competitive market of international film scoring.

So far Arvo Pärt and Erkki-Sven Tüür are the few most acclaimed Estonian composers who have also contributed to a list of internationally well-known and artistically celebrated films. The event aims to present a wider spectrum of Estonian music to make its way into international films and other visual productions.

“The popularity of last years’ film music event confirmed that there is a wide interest in Estonian composers, performers and recording facilities. At the moment work has started on producing music for the first Estonian-Korean film. In addition several other Asian producers have shown interest in local studios and classical music artists. We hope that with the showcase and smart producers Estonian music will find its way to international blockbusters”, says Industry@Tallinn head of program Sten-Kristian Saluveer.

A digital platform has been opened up, presenting the most outstanding current composers and authors, serving as an introduction  and a doorstep to Estonian film music for international filmmakers, publishers and future partners. The website is a tool that combines information of about 30 currently active film music composers and presents biographies, filmographies, contacts and sound samples of each of the listed authors. The composers vary from all possible genres and scenes: from renowed film music maker like Sven Grünberg to contemporary classial music composers like Ülo Krigul and Helena Tulve to indie-folk authors like Mari Kalkun or underground electronica makers like Andres Lõo or Sinine.

This year the Black Nights Film Festival hosts nearly 450 guests from all over the world: directors, producers, film actors, jury members, Industry@Tallinn panellists and film market partners. Many influential filmmakers from United States, Japan, Korea and Canada as well as representatives of acclaimed A-category film festivals Cannes, Berlinale, Venice and Toronto are expected. Baltic filmmakers, producers, distributors and funders will also gather in Tallinn for the Baltic Event.


17:00 – 18:30 Workshop with Graham Walker and Chris Douridas

18:45 – 18:55 Martin Aadamsoo “Filming facilities in Estonia”

18:55 – 19:05 Juko-Mart Kõlar “Orchestras, choirs and recording facilities in Estonia"

19:05 – 20:00 Pitch sessions for 10 local composers and songwriters

21:00 – 00:00 Showcase and party: Candy Empire, Kali Briis, vonKuusk and Sander Mölder.


About workshop presenters:

Graham Walkeris a British music supervisor and producer (What’s eating Gilbert Grape, Sleepy Hollow, Talented Mr. Ripley, Joy Division)

Chris Douridasis a Grammy nominated music supervisor and consultant (Northern Exposure, The Austin Powers Series, One Eight Seven, As Good As It Gets, Heat, Grosse Point Blank, Grace Of My Heart, American Beauty, One Hour Photo, Down With Love, The Girl Next Door, The Chumscrubber, Rumor Has It, Shrek 2, Bobby)

Entry is free for Industry@Tallinn delegates. Register for workshop and pitch sessions by noon of 25th November. Showcase tickets are available at Piletilevi and at the venue. and the events and activities around it are launched and presented by the Black Nights Film Festival, Estonian Film Industry Cluster, The Embassy of the United States of America and Tallinn Music Week. The initiative is supported by Enterprise Estonia and funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund.

10 November 2013

Kali Briis 4th album Say Whaat? out now








Kali Briis. Photo: Mihkel Tamme

Kali Briis released its new album 'Say Whaat?' under Estonian record label Eesti Pops on 9th November.

Since the first Breakfast EP (2009), Kali Briis aka Alan Olonen has been anything but indolent. Followed by several albums and singles under Umblu and Onesense Music labels, he has kept the audience hungry for his distinctive electro-soul output. Kali Briis is a consummate multi-tasker, writing, performing and producing his own music and using computers and sound programs as little as possible. He recognises the simplicity or even naiveté inherent in his music, but also the crisp and systematic production. 'Say Whaat?' “is a personal demonstration about daring to cross the borders. I was trying to make a linear record, that the first song is actually created as first”, Kali Briis adds.

Promoting his new album Kali Briis is aiming to as many shows as possible with his new live band.

Wolfman from Say Whaat? live at ERR.

Animated video I Love Your Face from Moon Ghost album.

10 November 2013

Metsatöll on North-American tour

Metsatöll at Rabarock, Estonia (2011)

Estonian folk metal band Metsatöll in currently on North American tour until 9th of December. In 35 days the band will perform 32 concerts, accompanied by Finnish band Finntroll and Quebeck locals Blackguard.

Active since 1999, Metsatöll has toured all over Europe since 2009. This is their second tour in US and Canada.

The band is signed to Finnish label Spinefarm Records.

Keep up with the tour here.

Listen & watch 'Küü' from 'Ulg' (2011)

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