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22 January 2014

Ewert and The Two Dragons in Russia

Ewert and The Two Dragons

Ewert and The Two Dragons is giving their first, long-awaited live show in St.Petersburg, Russia on 28th of February at Stereozima city festival.

After releasing their second album "Good Man Down" in 2011, the band has toured both US and Europe. Performing at Stereozima together with Morcheeba and a local band Atlandida is their first ever appearance in Russia.

Stereozima is a smaller, one day sister-event to Stereoleto, one of the main Russian music festivals. Taking place annualy in mid-July, Stereoleto is among the most important events in Russian music scene. Stereozima, Stereoleto winter session takes place for the fifth time.

Ewert and The Two Dragons is currenty working on their third album, set to be released within this year.

Tickets to Stereozima are on sale here!

19 January 2014

Estonian artists on stage at Eurosonic

Winny Puhh performing at Eesti Laul 2013

Up-and-coming Estonian bands Winny Puhh and  Elephants From Neptune gave striking performances at the leading European showcase festival Eurosonic Noordeslag.

Known for their surprising and even schocking live shows, Winny Puhh uses weapons ranging from brutal heavy metal to Scooter-isch techno. Plus some Balkan beats, as it’s the Southern parts of Estonian Empire where Winny Puhh hail from. The band, with their humour, twisted philosophy and self-mutilation have won attention also from the fashion world with performance at American fashion eccentric’s Rick Owens show and featuring on the pages of Italian Vogue.

Elephants From Neptune present a heady and unique mix of grooved out riff-rock and anti-ceremonial pop- tones. The slack levy of their sound would not be out of place from a quaint Romanian restaurant to a seedy Sunset Strip club as it blasts its way from the populist stance of something akin to Bad Company to the gruffer recesses of a Dave Grohl project. English webzine Drowned in Sound even dubbed them ‘the best band in Estonia’. In 2013 this fearless foursome won Skype’s “Go Change the World” award at the Tallinn Music Week festival. Elephants Ffrom Neptune will head to Afterslag Festival to give another show to Dutch audiences.

Both gigs went to full houses and earned well-deserved positive feedback.

17 January 2014

Enter Projector by Faun Racket nominated for Electonic Album of the Year in Estonian Music Awards.

"Enter Projector", a debut LP&CD by Faun Racket was released by Vitamiin Loft Records in December 2013, The album is also nominated in the category of Electonic Album of the Year in upcoming Estonian Music Awards.

Andres Lõoand Talis Paide joined creative forces in the fall 2012 to mold the voice of “city fauna”. Since then the world has heard cinematic bass, sweet synths and dramatic vocals that are hard to forget. The duo nourishes on city fauna and, as the title of their track  I Am New York implies, most music is created during and after Lõo’s NY period.

Faun Racket has performed live both at Tallinn Music Week and Baltics most popular music festival Positivus. Talis Paide also shows his multi-instumentalist talent in bands State of Zoe and Kosmosepealinn. Andres Lõo, a singer, musician and artist, is formerly known as the member of Luarvik Luarvik and Opium Flirt.

See the video I am New York

Radiant Child


15 January 2014

Eesti bändid sel nädalavahetusel Euroopa olulisemal talendifestivalil


Euroopa Piiridemurdjate auhinnad.

Euroopa suurimal ja olulisemal värskele muusikale keskendunud festivalil Eurosonic astuvad juba sel neljapäeval ja reedel üles Winny Puhh ja Elephants from Neptune. Samas autasustatakse Euroopa Piiridemurdjate auhinnaga (EBBA) kümmet silmapaistvat  artisti, keda on saatnud edu ka väljaspool kodumaad. Eelmisel aastal oli üheks EBBA võitjaks Ewert and The Two Dragons.

Hollandis, Groeningenis toimuvast Eurosonic festivalist on tänaseks kujunenud Euroopa muusikaelu keskpunkt. 1996. aastal alguse saanud üritusel astuvad igal aastal lavale ligi 200 paljulubavat artisti üle Euroopa. Piletid festivali kontsertidele on muusikafännide hulgas kõrgelt hinnatud – need müüakse tavaliselt läbi paari tunniga.

Festivali keskseks sündmuseks on EBBA (European Border Breakers Awards) auhinnagaala, kus tuuakse esile kümmet silmapaistvaimat artisti, kes on leidnud kuulajaid ka väljaspool oma kodumaa piire. Tänavused EBBA auhindade laureaadid on:

Ásgeir (Island)

Disclosure (UK)

GuGabriel (Austria)

Icona Pop (Rootsi)

Jacco Gardner (Holland)

Kodaline (Iirimaa)

Lukas Graham (Taani)

Nico & Vinz (Norra)

Woodkid (Prantsusmaa)

Zedd (Saksamaa)

Nimetatud artistide hulgast valis ka publik internetihääletusel oma lemmiku. Kes - see selgub juba laupäevaõhtusel gaalal, mida saab vaadata siit. Eesti artistidest on EBBA-ga varasematel aastatel pärjatud Kerli (2010) ja Ewert and The Two Dragons (2013).

Eurosonic festivali kava pannakse kokku üle-Euroopa laekuvate ohtrate taotluste põhjal. Tänavu on Eestist valitud esinema rifiroki kuningad Elephants from Neptune ja kogu mandri kõmulisemaid artiste Winny Puhh. Mõlemad Eesti esinejad on tuntud võimsate kontsertesinemiste poolest.

Elephants from Neptune’i manageri Karl Sirelpuu sõnul on Eurosonicul ülesastumine igale bändile suur au ja ka võimalus. ”Minu jaoks on see neljas Eurosonic. Olen lähedalt näinud, kuidas sealne esinemine võib mõjutada artisti edasist käekäiku. Elevantidega on sel aastal eesmärk lüüa Eurosonicul käed tunnustatud agentuuridega ning luua võimalikult suur kontaktvõrgustik bändi edasiseks arenguks.”, lisas Sirelpuu.

Alates 2003. aastast koordineerib Eurosonic festival ka Euroopa talendivahetusprogramme (European Talent Exchange Program – ETEP ja Central European Talent Exchange Program – CEETEP), mille eesmärk on aidata Eurosonicul ülesastuvatel artistidel leida uusi esinemisvõimalusi festivalidel üle kogu Euroopa. Tallinn Music Week on ETEP/CEETEP programmide - kuhu kuuluvad 81 Euroopa oluliseimat muusikafestivali ja 25 raadiojaama - liige alates eelmisest aastast. Tänu sellele avaneb rohkem võimalusi ka Eesti artistidele leida uut publikut, aidates samas kaasa rohkema uue muusika jõudmisele Eestisse. 2013. aasta Tallinn Music Weekil esinejatest olid ETEPiartistid Soomest pärit LCMDF, Eva & Manu ja Lau Nau, Taanist Rangleklods ja Norrast HighasaKite. CEETEP programmist aga Poola päritolu Trés.B.

Eesti artistide kontserdid:

Winny Puhh

Klubis Vera neljapäeval, 16.jaanuaril kl 01.15.

Elephants from Neptune

Klubi De Spiegheli pealaval, reedel, 17. jaanuaril kell 22.15.

10 January 2014

Sibyl Vane performing in Finland and England



Helena Randlaht from Sibyl Vane

The Estonian alternative rock trio Sibyl Vane starts their year in Finland, where they’ll be giving to shows sharing the stage with fresh Finnish talent The Lips. Check them both out in club On Rocks in Helsinki on Friday the 10th and in Bar Finnegans in Tuusula on Saturday the 11th of January. On the 21st, Sibyl Vane will take the stage at the legendary Upper Street’s Buffalo Bar in London with a local band Staggs. The event is organized by one of the most acclaimed independent concert promoters Club Fandango.

According to Sibyl Vane’s singing guitarist Helena Randlaht the whole band is excited about the interest for their music outside of Estonia.

“We are glad there is continued interest towards our music outside of Estonia. All concerts and opportunities to promote our music outside our own country are without a doubt important to us. The chance to perform in London, Europe’s music Mecca is definitely a challenge to which we agreed to without a second thought. Obviously we’re planning to perform in Estonia during this spring too,” Randlaht promises.

Sibyl Vane gained wider recognition in Estonia with their single “What’s My Name” after winning local band competition Noortebänd in 2013. The band released their debut album “Love, Holy Water & TV” under the Latvian record label I Love You Records in autumn 2012. The album was officially released in all three Baltic countries, digital copies are also available. The album received positive feedback from critics both inside and outside of Estonia giving the band a push to perform in other countries. Sibyl Vane supported Garbage on at their concert in Latvia. From then on the band has given over a hundred concerts in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and even in Ukraine. Since last year Sibyl Vane has also become the representing artist of guitar manufacturer Hagström in The Baltics.

23 December 2013

Kerli Kõiv reaches No. 1 in UK Top 40 singles chart


Song ‘Skyscraper’ written by Kerli Kõiv with Toby Grad and Lindy Robbins, performed by Sam Bailey became Christmas No 1 single in United Kingdom.

The song was originally co-written in 2011 and sung by American recording artist Demi Lovato. ‘Skyscraper’ debuted to number ten in Billboard Hot 100  in July that year. Sam Bailey, after winning ‘X Factor series 10’ in UK, re-recorded the song in 2013 and sold 149,000 copies by 22 of December.

Born in Elva, Kerli has been living in LA since 2005. A year later she signed Island Records and  released self-titled EP, followed by a full studio album ‘Love is Dead’. Single ‘Walking on Air’ charted on Billboard 200 in United States. Before leaving the label for Ultra music, Kerli released Utopia EP in March 2013.


Skyscraper by Sam Bailey

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